Saturday, January 21, 2012

Win some, lose some.

Yesterday could have been a lot worse, but sure could have been better. (Pretty much across the board, really, from productivity to food choices...) I got up just a little bit later than I would have liked, but made time to make eggs and hash browns again (no cheese, no blackening, just salt and pepper, still delicious) but left the house in a hurry and forgot to fill my water bottle and grab some fruit for a snack. Whoops. Texted a friend who was working the same 9am call, to see if he was stopping by the coffee shop, but he was also running late. (Later than I, as it turned out.) The tea from breakfast would have to do.

The morning section of the call was frustrating, the more I know, the less I know about this show that we are supposed to start teching on Tuesday, and the building seems to make little to no progress every time I check in. Fortunately for me, the other guy on the call offered to get me that coffee when he went out, so that improved my outlook, if not my efficiency. At noon we switched over to helping the head in the next space to open, which is a modular pain in the ass. It's got limitless possibilities and an equivalent amount of headache. Brief spurts of activity, followed by being stymied halfway through a project by construction/gear/other departments/rental crap/what-have-you was the name of the day. On a ten minute break I ran across the street to the Food Emporium and bought a big bottle of water and an apple, which was a good move - since it was a weird split day, I wasn't on a meal break until 4, by which time I was VERY hungry. My friend who is the head over at my old job, just down the street, was scheduled to come join us at 4, and brought my other friend back with him, so the three of us went around the corner to Landsdowne for dinner, where I made a pain in the ass of myself by sending back the dressed salad. (I really appreciated that salad was an option instead of fries, I just didn't think to ask if it had dressing...) Eventually I ended up dismantling my buffalo chicken sandwich and tossing that over the new, dry salad the bartender was kind enough to bring, and I was surprised by how good it was. I don't have high salad expectations from bars, generally speaking.

After the whatever-you-call-a-meal-at-4pm break we floundered, lots of moving things from one place to another, but not sure how much progress happened. Instead of continuing until midnight as planned, we ended up calling the day around 8, and as we left, my friend made the universal sign for "let's go get a beer" and I am notoriously weak-willed when it comes to beer with friends! We managed to, not entirely on purpose, collect most of the crew as we walked over there, but I ended up at a table with my two dinner companions anyhow, and drank too much, and really enjoyed the nachos we ended up splitting. Could have been worse. The last straggler (I, also, am capable of being a bad influence) and I went next door to buck slice - the cheap, ubiquitous New York phenomenon of the $1 slice being the salvation of many a drunk train ride home - and I passed on pizza, but did steal three bites of his, it just seemed so wrong to NOT be partaking!

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