Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Small Can Be Big

Wow - what is this update page? I haven't seen it in so long, I barely remember it! I've been busy and not as connected as is customary, so my blogging has suffered considerably but I wanted to take this chance to introduce you all to my new favorite way to help folks in need. Similar in some ways to, though this is for donations and not microloans, Small Can Be Big uses local charity organizations to find families with a specific, fundable need. You get to pick the family you want to help, and any size donation is added to the pot, until the need is met. Then they turn the funds over to the sponsoring charity to pay the medical bill, or the heat, or the security deposit - whatever relatively minor cost is standing between that family and security.

In these insecure times, I've been very fortunate despite my intermittent work life. None of my colleagues are having to decide what bill to pay. (Yet.) None of my friends and family are going hungry. (Yet.) None of my loved ones are in danger of losing their homes. (Yet.) The people Small Can Be Big is trying to reach out to are people just like the ones you and I love, just a little less lucky. If you feel similarly, skip that lunch out at work, or that trip to Starbucks, and spend that money instead on helping someone at Small Can Be Big.

Disclosure statement: One of my old friends is partially responsible for Small Can Be Big. So yes, I'm biased. And more to the point, quite proud of him,