Wednesday, July 06, 2011


My friend Mia suckered me into tumblr. She did it so that I could post some of the hilarity at work to the theater's tumblr account. (WTF - if you're curious. And like stupid. And hilarity.) That part was perfectly reasonable. The part where I might actually use it less so, it's just that it is shiny and new. Unlike this beat-up old blogger... or the elderly livejournal... or the good old days of actually generating my own crap. Yeah. I'm aware of how absurd this is. I do like the somewhat scrapbooky nature of tumblr though - it is very easy to paste together tidbits. It's somewhere between proper blogging and tweeting. With some sociability but no irritating games.


I don't like this title, this layout or most of my content. Unfortunately,  I also don't feel in any way inspired to fix any of that. I feel like I was better at this when it was all just hand coded crap-ass html in college...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I like mocking hashtags as much as the next person. (Though probably not as much as Pluta, who says things like "Oh hi, hashtag. Why so sad? #youwerereallymeantomeyesterday -I was real lyme ant om eyes terd, ay? #youreadick", but, you know, like a normal hashtag mocking person.)

That said, this conversation justified my generally lackluster twitter existence. Irritatingly, the "show conversation" option is set to most recent, so it will make more sense top to bottom:

For the record, no, I do not recall when the drunkest I ever saw him* was. Sorry. Maybe next time he comes to town we can rectify that situation. The front runners right now are the night he ended up wearing someone else's boxers and the night he puked on my couch, but there are so many options...

*He's actually a really great person and not the drunk this blog would lead you to believe, but don't tell him I said so, I'll call you a liar.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Nigeria Bound

I've resurrected this blog for one really good reason.

I'm not saying that I might not keep up with it after, but let us be honest here - I don't exactly have the best track record with regard to blogging consistency. Unless you consider "mushy" to be an acceptable consistency.

I got an email a few months ago from a friend and colleague, the Tony Award winning sound designer of Fela!, with a really compelling first line:

"Are you interested in a little trip to Africa?"

Am I?

AM I‽‽

You bet your sweet ass I am.

So I will be going with the show to Lagos, Nigeria, at the very end of March, and returning the first of May, for a month of, most likely, utter insanity. Yes, I am terribly excited. Yes, I have been vaccinated against a laundry list of baddies (and yes, I am one of the 25% of yellow fever vaccinees who enjoy flu like symptoms afterwards, thanks for asking.) No, I will not be sending anyone (including my mom, so don't feel bad) constant status checks. I will be updating this blog regularly while I am there, and I hope to at least have some pictures to show. My contract, amusingly enough, explicitly states that internet connection charges will be covered by the company (it's in the clause with my hotel room), so I anticipate at least a passing relationship with the internet while I am there. Not bad for a developing nation, I'll take it.

I haven't even started to prepare for the trip, other than to take an absurdly expensive trip to see a travel doctor and get my battery of shots. I can't get into Nigeria without the yellow fever vaccine, but in addition, I got typhoid, hepatitis and meningococcal meningitis, as well as boosters for polio and that old standard, tetanus/diphtheria. Together with what I am told is a very spendy prescription for Malarone for malaria prophylaxis and a precautionary antibiotic prescription, I am all set. Or will be when I get reimbursed for the doctor's visit and can contemplate purchasing the Malarone!

Since I'm in previews with a show at Playwrights right now, I'm still quite busy with my ordinary, domestic life, and I have not yet broached the subject of packing, even within the confines of my skull. I just know I need to buy some jeans. I seem to have two pairs, and I don't quite think that will cut it.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Food porn incoming

My brother sends food porn pictures to a group of us with terrifying regularity, and it's mouthwatering. Now you too can join in the drool-fest, because he's been coerced into bloghood.

Check out the om nom nom at thomasfeed.

I feel like a slacker now, not stepping up to the food porn mat!