Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some days just require more food...

I blew through my calorie goals for today, but I'm having trouble feeling bad about it, since today started roughly 21 hours ago, and over 16 of that was at work. Other than the sorbetto, I feel pretty justified in my food consumption. I ate pretty big meals, but I was also pretty damn hungry. Large breakfast to start the day around 8am, which kept me happy well past noon - I didn't start getting "where's my lunch at, yo?" signals from my stomach until about 2, which was fine, we took lunch at 3! Chipotle for lunch, and I ate almost all of the burrito bowl, but stopped when I was full. Water to drink - diet soda is gross, and I can't bring myself to consume the sugar in any of the soda/juice/carbonated juice type beverages. I used to always have chips and apple juice with that burrito bowl, but not today. (Also, they have a brown rice option now, which I was pleased to see. I'm not sure how new an option this is, as I'm not sure when I last ate at Chipotle, but good for them!) There's always something a little bit anti-climactic about eating there for me - I eat black beans and rice/quinoa/similar so often at home! I do like the corn and hot salsa though.

It had been billed as a very long day that would afford lots of opportunities for sitting about drinking coffee, so I took my computer, hoping to do some other work, but it turned out to be a fairly steady work day, at least until after the party was in full swing around 9. We were invited to partake of the catering, and I tried to be judicious in my choices - I did have rather a lot of sushi (yum), and an excellent lamb kebab. Perfectly al dente carrots and tender asparagus. They had little pulled pork bbq sandwiches, and I LOVE pulled pork, so I asked for a spoonful of just the pork, so I could have a taste of it without all that bread. (Good, but nothing to write home about - they have better there.)

The choice I don't feel so good about was the raspberry sorbetto. Talk about a sugar rush! Woah Nellie! I've been off the sugar and (mostly) the white flour lately, and that hit me like a truck! Though not an entirely unwelcome truck, at about mile marker 13.5 of a 16 hour day - I think the sugar high powered me through the strike, and the inevitable crash came about half an hour before we left. The thing that was most interesting to me, especially in light of my recent reading, was how noticeable the impact of the sugar was when it's not a regular part of my diet. (Also, as a result of recent reading, I found myself thinking about the specifics of the metabolic reaction while I was eating the sorbetto, which I think kept me from eating more than half of it.)

I'm having a large hot chocolate as I write this, around 4am, thawing from this first snow day we've had. I used half the chocolate syrup called for (and still feel weird about the sugar - seriously, this book is scary, y'all) and it's perfect. Warming and filling and delicious. So yes, 2200 calories is more than I usually eat, but 16 hours is more than I usually work, and 21 is far more than I'm usually awake. If the worst thing that happened today was half a cup of raspberry sorbetto, well, I'll take it.

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