Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Calorie counting is the wurst

On the food front, today was a mixed day - I tried the whole take-a-picture-of-everything plan, and was mostly successful, but I missed the knockwurst and beer I didn't mean to eat for dinner! (It was good, and cheap, and by restaurant standards impossibly rationally sized, but it was still a fatty sausage and a beer.) I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home to get some milk, honey, salt and split peas (that leftover ham is burning a hole in my refrigerator) and ended up buying a bag of these tasty chips I tried earlier in the day - snack food I really don't need!

I'm frustrated by it because when I got home today, once I'd added up the day's consumption, I was pretty much on target for caloric intake, but I was still hungry. I had a glass of milk and an orange, which put me over for the day. I feel like it was a pretty decent day, wurst aside, but it was also a heavy day from a work perspective, and I worked HARD, lots of moving heavy things from one place to another, lots of pushing things around in the cold (really should have worn a second pair of socks for unloading that truck) and a ton of running up and down stairs. I got off the train too early on the way to the Whole Foods (rare google maps fail) and ended up walking almost a mile to the store. Being hungry seemed totally legitimate. The milk really did help, the nice protein and satiating fat, but mostly just took the edge off. Going to bed now, feeling still slightly as though I wish I had eaten something else. I'll be interested to see if I am starving in the morning. The eggs will be welcome at least!

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