Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hey thanks, Whole Foods, you're awesome sometimes.

I got to go to the farmer's market today and collect a whole bunch of wonderful things, and amuse myself to no end by going into the McDonalds to get cash so that I could then leave the McDonalds and buy grass fed beef from the farmers market. (A friend points out that the irony should have been fatal.)

The one thing I needed and was not successful in obtaining was milk - the dairy I like only hits Union Square on Saturday, and I'm working ALLLLLL day tomorrow, so no shopping for me, and the Whole Foods at Union Square only had chocolate from Ronnybrook. I had to rush home to put away the groceries and make some dinner before getting to go see The TEAM's "Mission Drift" (recommend highly, running through Feb 4th (ish?) at the Connolly Theater, you should go.) Dinner was quick and excellent, and I made it to the show in good time to get a decent seat (the sound designer tells me that the mezz is awful, and I'm inclined to believe him) and after the show, remembered that there is a Whole Foods down near the 2nd Ave F stop, so I swung in, increasingly hungry, to buy my milk. I avoided all the snack food, the baked goods, the energy bars, everything, but was just wishing for a piece of cheese or something.

And then there it was, in the fridge next to the check out. A basket of one and two ounce bits of various delicious cheeses.

I'm counting that as a cheddar cheesy win.

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