Friday, November 28, 2008


Day 24 ~ 11/27/08
Sadie gives her "uncle Dave" a kiss.

Day 23 ~ 11/26/08
Finally had to take down the map...

Day 22 ~ 11/25/08
A picture of pictures. I liked the light in my living room.

Day 21 ~ 11/24/08
Last day at Baruch! A planter out front.

Day 20 ~ 11/23/08
Window at St. Clement's, a theatre/church.

Day 19 ~ 11/22/08
One of the ubiquitous water towers.

Day 18 ~ 11/21/08
More art - above ground. These tree houses are an installation at Madison Square Park.

Day 17 ~ 11/20/08
This is one of my favorite subway mosaic - all up and down the platform are these hats, coupled with a tile showing the name of the famous person to whom the hat belonged. I suspect that the hats are all at the height of the person who wore them.

Day 16 ~ 11/19/08
A pencil case with speaker boobs.

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