Saturday, December 13, 2008


Day 39 ~ 12/12/08
Yikes. Working "Tappy Holidays" at Symphony Space. Shoot me.

Day 38 ~ 12/11/08
My favorite piece of ad work - the poor, huddled statue makes me want to give her the coat off my back. This shows up each year around this time, in support of the NY Cares Coat Drive.

Day 37 ~ 12/10/08
Sometimes the traffic really does just look like a puzzle game.

Day 36 ~ 12/09/08
What a cheerful sight to see on my way in from the cold!

Day 35 ~12/08/08
So pleased was I to see even a little snow, I had to stick my hand in it.

Day 34 ~ 12/07/08
Looking out at the church window. I can't shake the oddity of this space.

Day 33 ~ 12/06/08
Detritus of a birthday party (a very LOUD birthday party) outside the church/theatre.

Day 32 ~ 12/05/08
Rushing out to buy a tree before another day of tech rehearsals.

Day 31 ~ 12/04/08
9th Avenue as seen through the Christmas tree stands.

Day 30 ~ 12/03/08
Here's a stop that could use some mosaic. This is the dreariest station in the city. The E at 50th.

Day 29 ~ 12/02/08
What's greener? Fake trees or real? I say real - I'm always in favor of oxygen producing factories!

Day 28 ~ 12/01/08
Sky outside Ikea.

Day 27 ~ 11/30/08
Can anyone explain my obsession with the fire escape when it rains?

Day 26 ~ 11/29/08
Things are coming together at work. Just about ready for tech.

Day 25 ~ 11/28/08
Sadie the Sleepy Dog grabs the Comfy Chair.


L-girl said...

Just catching up on your photos. Nice!

In other news, I love Sadie. She looks so sweet and huggable.

Sarah Gates said...

She is even more sweet and huggable than she looks! She's convinced that she's a lapdog too, the big goofball. Just posting the picture made me wish she was here again - I love having her come visit.

Ringeddragon said...

I love your fire escape in the rain pictures. There's something...urban and yet natural about them. They please me greatly.