Monday, November 10, 2008

Basement Blogging

Juno really is a pushy little girl. 

I put some sliced apple down on the wooden box there in front of them today and she literally walked all over poor Jupiter to get to it. Look at his squashed little ear! He doesn't seem to mind at all however. He's had his share and is just ignoring Miss Piggy there.

This show that I'm running right now (boring light board - I'm remembering why I've tried to make a break with the electrics) has Monday night shows. Who does that? Honestly. This is New York. We have standards! It's weird to get up on Monday, after a few two show days, and know that you have to go to work. It's like working Saturday (and Sunday) if you had a "real" job. Gugh.

Walter is back in town, but staying in a hotel in Manhattan with tour friends, so I met up with him and his friend Dave this afternoon at the Apple store (where, no, I did not buy anything) and wandered down Fifth Ave to Rockefeller Center. I rarely go down that way - no real reason to go there and millions of touristy reasons not to - but it was a fun excursion. We stopped in the Disney store, where I was actually a little disgusted by the absurdity of some of the Disney paraphernalia, and the Nintendo store, where Walter played Wii Music to my very great amusement. I think that the appeal of the Wii is that so many of the games make an art form out of turning stupid concepts into great fun. 

I dragged them down to Thom's for dinner (I wanted meatloaf ) and it was fun to be there - I've not been by much since the Sox lost game seven of the ALCS and my baseball season ended. I just don't care much about football and Thom's isn't exactly close to my house! I'd like to meet up with them again after the show, but we'll see how I feel when we get there. The dark of the basement here at Baruch is making me sleepy! The theatre is on the third or fourth basement level and for some reason the dark of this theatre is somehow darker than theatres above ground.

The wifi down here is cleverly named "crystalset" because at one point in the show the lead offers to get parts and a crystal set so her hidden Polish Jews can make a radio. Our network, like the radio (and the Jews for that matter), is hidden, so it seems even more appropriate. I like a cleverly named wireless access point. None of this "linksys" nonsense! Ours at home is sort of blah - it's twostep because we live on the second floor and Dave is a big Dave Matthews fan. I'll have to work on that...

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