Sunday, November 09, 2008


Day 5 ~ 11/08/08
I hated every picture I took today. I hated these leaves the least.

Day 4 ~ 11/07/08
Dave was sick, and spent a great deal of his time on the couch. Poor Coco here seems to have caught the bug.

Day 3 ~ 11/06/08
Visiting with Jovi, who's people are out of town. She was rather put out with me because all I pulled out of the fridge was the water pitcher, not the wet cat food. Miss Picky.

Day 2 ~ 11/05/08
Rainy day fire escape. I kept staring at the wet leaves all day.

Day 1 ~ 11/04/08
The beautiful, blue Commonwealth of Virginia, as colored on my dining room wall.

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