Friday, September 05, 2008

Fudge/Umbridge '08

I'm a day late, and always more than a dollar short, but I'm finally watching Sarah Palin's snarky speech from yesterday at the RNC. Ten minutes in, I found myself wanting to throw things, and then I realized who she reminded me of.

Dolores Umbridge. 

I thought I was just terribly clever, but it turns out that quite a number of other people had come up with the idea as well. I googled it, and found a Facebook group and a Yahoo question on the subject. So much for my independent cleverness. The Facebook group even suggests that perhaps McCain, old and out of touch, could perhaps be Fudge. I think that one's just a stretch to match the Palin-Umbridge connection, but it made a good title...


impudent strumpet said...

OMG. She totally is!

Sarah Gates said...

For about five minutes this blog post was one of the top google returns for "Palin Umbridge", and I thought I was terribly clever again, but now there are lots of people saying it. I was just an early adopter. ;)