Friday, September 26, 2008

Warning - cute fuzzies ahead

It's just occurred to me that I haven't tormented you with any pictures of the rabbits lately, so here's a few. Jupiter is very much Juno's bitch - here she is demanding grooming from her bunny by shoving her head under his. (Just after crawling over him to get up the ramp. She's totally bossy.) We've moved their house to the dining room, mostly so that the occasional kicked out poo would be easier to clean, and because we can less obtrusively pen them up when we're out, so that she doesn't use the couch as a litter box. Most of the reading that I've done has suggested that limiting the amount of space available to the bunnies helps them to learn that their litter boxes are the only places to poop, so we've been penning them up while we're out, and it does seem to be helping. I expect the hardwood floors in the dining room are also less attractive than the nice hay filled litter boxes too. Last night I was able to leave the two of them free to roam and when I woke up there were no piles of poo anywhere other than the litter boxes. Of course, since they haven't been out in the living room unattended recently, I hadn't been as vigilant about keeping the backside of the red chair blocked, and when I got up this morning Jupiter had managed to trap himself up inside the underside of the chair again. Fortunately we've had that happen before, and this time he hopped right out as soon as I tipped the chair. Last time we thought we'd lost him!

Jupiter is a well trained bunny though - here he is grooming Juno's ears as per her demand. We have little unfinished wooden boxes in their cage to reduce the grade of the ramps from level to level, and in addition to making them both more comfortable climbing up to the penthouse, Jupiter has also discovered that they are great for gnawing on, which was his only bad habit before he had the boxes. We'd presented all sorts of things to him for his chewing needs, none of which met with his approval the way that the living room baseboard did, until now! He never uses anything other than his litter box and is really quite the little gentleman.

Unrelatedly, Alison is the only one participating in the "Name that room" debate, and she could use some help...

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Ali said...

Hey, thanks for the shout out. I vote for Turnip. :)