Thursday, September 18, 2008

Blissed Out Lunch Break

This week is starting to wear on me, and after a breakfast sandwich at our eleven o'clock coffee break, I wasn't terribly hungry when lunch was called at one, so I've opted to skip lunch in favor of a nap in the hammock. It's the most wonderful feeling, just lazing here between these two trees, on this wonderfully solid hammock (hung, no doubt, by carps many seasons ago, given the growth on the trees.) I almost wish I had a little blanket or a hoodie, because while the trees still look like summer, the breeze here in the shade and in the lee of these glacially formed Central Park boulders speaks of autumn.

It's easy to forget you're in Manhattan here, with the pond behind us and the trees surrounding, the Delacourt could be any one of a thousand outdoor theatres anywhere in the country. The sun is warm, the breeze refreshing and the work seriously dirty!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to pull the brim of my baseball cap over my eyes and let the birds and the half-heard conversation lull me to sleep.

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