Sunday, July 27, 2008

SAT prep suggestion

I dislike commercials. One thing you will never see me doing with my blog is taking Google up on their AdSense offer. No ads here, thank-you-very-much.

That said, the ads on ESPN tonight during this baseball game are irritating me more than average. There's this one ad that they keep cutting off (they've done it three times so far), not that I mind not seeing it - it looks particularly annoying - but it's weird that they keep cuing up that ad and then cutting it off at the same point. I suspect that it's an ad that can't afford Sunday Night Baseball, but is still stuck in the queue from whatever was on earlier.

The two that really set me off however, were back to back ads from Exxon and the US Army. Not my favorite companies to begin with, these are particularly foul bits of advertising. The Exxon-Mobil ad is blatant green-washing, attempting to make them seem like a positive energy source (!) and the US Army ad is bragging on Truman's Executive Order 9981 (equality of treatment/opportunity in the US Armed Forces - more at the Truman Library Site if you're interested.)

They really seemed like the same thing to me.

Exxon-Mobile : Environment :: US Army : Minorities

This came up on the game thread over at Joy of Sox (because I tend to sidetrack easily), and the conversation was quite correct in pointing out that the minority status isn't as significant as the economic and educational status when it comes to recruiting targeting, but since the have-nots who are being targeted by this ad ARE minority have-nots, I think the correlation stands.

Sadly, the ones who need this, aren't TAKING SAT prep anyhow.

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