Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends and ancient history

Thanks Youk!

I was having a pretty crap sort of a day, but Kevin Youkilis has totally got my back. His cheer-me-up bid was a lovely grand slam, and the Sox are steamrollering over the poor O's right now, which is quite the mood alterer.

Night before last I was up too late chatting online with Walter, and somehow ended up hitting the Wayback Machine to see what lingering bits of my early blogs are still preserved there. There's something dreadfully narcissistic about rereading your own journal from nine years ago, but it's also quite fun. The word blog wasn't even in use when I started. I can't seem to find any entries from before Dec. 1999, but I started in Jan of that year. I've only kept it up intermittently though.

The thing that struck me most is that the friends I mentioned most often in those days are still the friends I go to when I'm feeling blue these days. I was feeling pretty low in one of those late 1999 entries, and my solution was to go out with my good friend Jess. Today? I called Jess and Jeremy to have them over to dinner. My mom told me once that her friends that she made in college were the ones she ended up keeping forever, and that seems to be true for me as well. Though there are a number of my high school friends with whom I am still close, and of course there are others since college. I wonder though, what it is about college that makes such long term friendships.

Whatever it is, I'm glad of it.


Soxlosophy said...

you can avoid the narcissism charge if when you read old stuff you treat it as if it were written by another person.

Sometimes when I read old jokes i've made but forgotten about, I get to laugh over them all over again. then when someone says 'you shouldn't laugh at your own jokes', i say 'if i don't remember them, they're not mine, and what difference does it make whose they are if they're funny?'

wait, that probably is narcissism.

Sarah Gates said...

An excellent justification, regardless! I now feel much better about having laughed at that Happy Creation Day post I just linked. I'd forgotten it, so it was past-me, who was someone else entirely. That past-me, what a joker!