Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happily Bonded Bunnies

I haven't said much about the rabbits lately, and that's largely because there really is no news on that front. Juno and Jupiter are very happily bonded, and aside from wishing that Juno would do a better job grooming Jupiter (he looks like a patchwork rabbit, he's shedding so oddly), we're all very pleased. We've dismantled one of the cages, and they now share the same, expanded cage. It's got multiple levels, and I don't really expect Juno will ever venture up to the upper reaches, but Jupiter has been enticed up once with a carrot, and I expect he will soon find those upper platforms to be his own spot when they are in their house. Right now, they generally aren't in their house much, so there's been no need. They have the run of the house these days, but we are going out of town next week, and they will be going to stay with our good friends (and fellow bunny parents) Angela and Zach in Brooklyn, where they will be expected to spend a great deal more time in their house, or in a pen attached to their house.

Here's a bit of video of them sharing a carrot. Now that's love! The quality of the video is pretty bad, having been taken in low light with our older camera, but it's still pretty cute.

They have both staked out places in the apartment that are their own territory, though they share the rug in the living room, and spend most of their time there sprawled out next to each other. Juno is a kitchen and bathroom bunny and spends her alone time either on the rug in front of the sink, or halfway in the doorway of the bathroom. I understand the current attraction of the tile floor in the bathroom, as it's been quite warm of late and we don't use the air conditioning at all, but we do have to warn overnight guests not to step on her if they need to use the facilities at night! Jupiter owns the couch. He likes to perch on the back of the couch, especially if Dave is watching TV. Honestly, Jupiter seems more and more catlike the better we get to know him. Both rabbits have really settled in and are much more comfortable with us, with each other, and even with guests who come in for the evening or for a few days. Juno won't do her full-on "dead bunny pose" when there are guests, but Jupiter is perfectly happy to hop right up on the couch or the red chair with them, startling them just as much as he does Dave!

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