Monday, August 04, 2008

Vacation Time!

The bunnies get to have a new adventure this week. Dave and I are going on our annual trip to Duck, NC to vacation with my family, and Juno and Jupiter get to go visit our friends Angela and Zach. And the rest of their menagerie. They share their apartment with two humans, two dogs, a maniacal cat and two rabbits. Our pair are going to be beside themselves, but we're very thankful that Ang and Zach are so kind as to bunny-sit for us.

There was a great deal of uncertainty about whether we were even going to go on vacation this summer, as work has been slimmer than usual, especially for Dave, who got far less hours than he was given to expect in July, putting us both behind. Mom & Dad, of course, offered assistance in getting to the beach, but since they already foot the not-inconsiderable expense of the beach house rental itself, nevermind the mountain of food that the clan consumes, we were extremely reluctant to take them up on their offer. However, we did feel obliged to GO after they made the offer, and so we planned to leave for a week and a half.

For the second year straight, our friend Reid has rescued the long, dark teatime of our summer. Last year it was the crazy barge gig, a desperately needed week of work. (And a very odd show. On, as I mentioned, a barge. With the audience and half the sound system on a pier.) This year, he's head audio on a big off-Broadway show, and he's already hired me quite a bit for it, starting with the shop build back in May/June. (I do love a good shop build. All that titchy little stuff...) He's asked me to join the show as the A2 when the current guy leaves, and in the meantime he's been getting me on as many of the work calls as I can take. I had to turn him down there for a while because I was busy at LCI for summer session, and didn't feel right ditching them, but now we're in the true doldrums, and there is no such impediment. Lucky for Dave and I, they've just realized that they need two sound crew persons every day for the next three weeks. Which gets me right up until the time I would take over as A2. Good stuff.

Of course, this prompted some discussion about skipping the beach trip in favor of the work, and while that is probably the practical decision, I really wasn't about to cancel on my family with three days notice. Fortunately, Dave decided that he would come too, so the beach trip is abbreviated, but not abandoned. We were leaving earlier and returning later initially, but we're still getting our beach (and more importantly, family) time in, and that's what counts to me. The bunnies may feel differently...

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Angela said...

Jupiter actually took a piece of pineapple this morning! I don't know if he ate it, but he snatched it out of my hand tentatively and dropped it in the hay and started licking it. Juno wanted nothing to do with any pineapple - although she did accept a few head pats. Jupiter has ventured outside a few times, but Juno, not so much. All in all, they seem to completely disapprove of the situation.